The Esportz Group consists of a number ​of networking spaces across various social and business media sites.

The site list includes several Linkedin groups, Twitter & Facebook accounts and recently a new Discord Channel,

combined this is a membership/following of around 75,000. Including, the linkedin 'Video Games and Esports Group' with 42,500+ members and the 'Esports Business group' with 17,000+ members). 2 profile accounts also on Linkedin have 25,000 direct connections into the esports and gaming industry..

Esportz Consulting


-Esports Business (17,400+ members)

-Esports & Games Content (3900+).


@esportzBusiness Sponsorship & Investment (680+)

@esportzBetting Esports Betting (230+)

Weibo (China)

 @esportzGlobal (New)


Esports Press UK

Twitter:      EsportsPressUK (2525+)

Facebook:  EsportsPressUK (250) 


Esports Press -News Outlets

Linkedin (+indicates members)

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-Video Games & Esports (42,750+)

-Esports Jobs (3550+) 


-Esports Betting & Gambling (800+)

-Motor Racing Games: (800+)

-Mobile Esports 1450+)

-Esports, Music & Metaverse (1600+)


@esportzGlobal Global Esports News (2000+)

@esportzAfrica (1000+)

@esportzAsia (620+)

@esportzUK (630+)

@esportzMobile Mobile Game Esports (430)
@esportzRacing SimRacing/Esports  (655) 
@esportzFootball Football Crossover  (360)
@esportzMMA MMA/UFC Crossover (650)
@esportzPoker Poker Crossover (375)
@esportzJobs (60+ new)
@esportzPro (new) 

Facebook  (1140) (250)  (127)


Discord Channel (400+)


Borders Blurred (music and gaming)


@BordersBlurred (889)




Gamevoices (voice acting)Your voice in the games industry


@Gamevoices (11,200+)

Linkedin (3000+)

Facebook ((1300+)

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