Marketing and Sponsorship

As with most sports or team sponsorship it is similarly important in esports to establish who you are trying to reach and the budget you have to reach them. Higher profile teams, players and events have larger audiences (often global) and therefore can be quite expensive.
However it is possible for newly interested sponsors to 'dip a toe in the water' of esports sponsorship without it necessarily costing a fortune, and it is here that Esportz can assist in providing insightful and useful advice to help make the best decision on where to test your budget, to reach your preferred territory & demographic.

  • Player Sponsorship

  • Team Creation and Sponsorship

  • League  Creation or Sponsorship

  • *Live Event Creation or Sponsorship

  • Arena Advertising

  • In Game Advertising

  • Streamer Sponsoring & Advertising

  • Other Media

All of the above being said if you have a considerable esports marketing or sponsorship budget we can also help you with that too.. and if you are looking for something more out of the ordinary but esports related, we have many new and exciting opportunities arising every day.



Being first in the advertising and media industry, I decided to make the jump into esports, and despite having never spoken before John was one of the first people who was kind enough to give me his time and advice. He was very helpful, friendly and offered a great insight into this amazing industry, setting me on the path to secure a full time position at one of the leading esports brands globally.
~Nick Wilson
Esports Sales Manager at Lagardère Sports -(Ex-ESL Business Development Manager)



If you interested in Esports or a strategy within Esports then John is your guy.
We now consult with John on a regular basis. He has given us many useful industry contacts and helped us formulate Esports Scotland's business and marketing plan.
~James Hood
Esports Scotland CEO